“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people

Steve Jobs

Brilliant service comes from a brilliant team. Our cross-continental group of legal experts provide top-tier legal counsel – wherever you are across the globe. With specialization in the personal and corporate spheres, BN lawyers can counter any legal challenge.

Diversity is a key pillar of ours. We deploy veteran Macau and Portuguese business lawyers, each bringing their diverse skills, experience, and thoughts to the table. With a broad range of opinions, we give you access to a wide range of efficient legal solutions. Trust the BN Lawyers team: You are in safe hands.

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Américo Fernandes

Lawyer & Private Notary

Bruno Nunes

Lawyer Oversees the Firm’s Practice

Of Counsel

António Tavares

Of Counsel – Portugal Office

Rui Simões

Of Counsel – Portugal Office

Nuno Moura Roldão

Of Counsel – Portugal Office

Supporting Staff

Aimee Chen

Marketing Director Corporate

Catarina Chou


Sophie Chen

Office Assistant and Paralegal – Macau Office

Chloe Xu

IP Account Administrator – China Office

Lucy Liu

Marketing Manager

Jenny Xiao

Vice President of Operations

Kiki Rong

Corporate Director

Kiko Wong

Administrative – Zhuhai Office

Mauro Nunes

Automation and AI Director

Natalie Ho

IP Accounts Administrator

Rosa Vilhena

Translations Operations 

Tracy Wu

Office Director

Gina Qin

IP Account Administrator – China Office

Silvia Zeng

Sales Assistant – China Office

Queenie Zhang

Sales Assistant – China Office

Niki Choi

Corporate Specialist – China Office

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