Domain Names


To register a domain the name it needs to match either a trademark registered in Macau or the trade name of a company incorporated in Macau. Applicant will need to register in sequence “COM.MO” and then “.MO”
The duration of a domain name registration is valid for THREE years, the registration fee is charged on a yearly basis. From the date of the domain name registration and must submit the payment within sixty days prior the expiry.

Domain Name Registration in Macau

Requirements & Timeline

The required documents to register a domain in Macau are the following:

1. Copy of the Macau trademark certificate or the business registration certificate of the local company together with tax registration (M1) or the corporate tax notice (M8)

2. Declaration of agreement, notarized

3. Confirmation Letter, notarized

4. Authorization Letter, notarized

5. Certified true copy of the business registration certificate or of signatory’s ID

6. Power of Attorney, notarized

Timeline: Trademark registration is taking 7 months to complete. Company Incorporation takes 12 working days.

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