Industrial Model & Design


The aim of registering an industrial model and design is to protect a shape, pattern, colour or their combinations as applied on an innovative design of a product, which is aesthetic and capable of being applied on an industrial scale.

File a Industrial Model & Design in Macau

Requirements & Timeline

To file an Industrial Design , the following information and documentation will be required:

1 Applicant – name, nationality, address and commercial nature (commercial, industrial or other).

2 Creator – name, nationality and address of the creator.

3 Abstract describing the innovative characteristics of the product (not more than 150 words or 400 characters).

4 Descriptive drawings or photographs.

5 A Power of Attorney – a blank sample (if notarised outside of China it must be legalised with a Hague Apostille) should be filed in order to give us permission to represent you before the Macau Economy Services (it is required to submit one Power of Attorney per application, original or certified true copy).

6 Priority – (if claimed) – priority filing date, number and country along with a certified copy of the priority application (within the three months that follow the application).


Timeline: Approximately twelve months after the application, a notice will be published in the Official Gazette. Within the first thirty months that follow the filing, the applicant must request or submit the examination report. If all documentation is filed and requested without delay, Macau Economic Services take two years from the receipt of the application to the registration, provided that there are no deficiencies in the application and no objections are raised by the Macau Economic Services or by a third party.

Protection: If protection is granted, the registration will be effective for five years from the day of application.


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